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Have you ever walked into a bakery and felt like you were transported to another world? That's exactly the feeling you get when you step inside MJ's Oven, a cottage bakery that's been serving up the most delicious pastries, cakes, and breads for over a decade. And now, with the help of Awokened Art Studios, MJ's Oven has a brand new website that's as beautiful and inviting as the treats it sells.

So who is MJ, you might ask? Well, she's a senior who's been baking for as long as she can remember. After retiring from her day job, she decided to turn her passion into a business, and thus, MJ's Oven was born. From the beginning, MJ knew that she wanted to create a bakery that was all about quality over quantity. She uses only the freshest ingredients, and she never skimps on the butter or the sugar.

When Awokened Art Studios first met MJ, we knew right away that we wanted to help her take her business to the next level. We worked with her to develop a brand identity that truly represented who she is and what she stands for. We helped her come up with the name MJ's Oven, a name that's as warm and welcoming as she is. And now, we've created a website that's as delightful as the treats she sells.

Our goal with MJ's Oven's website was to capture the essence of the bakery – its warmth, its passion, and its commitment to quality. We used warm, earthy tones, and we included plenty of mouth-watering photos of MJ's delicious creations. We also made sure that the website was easy to navigate, so that customers can find exactly what they're looking for.

But our work with MJ's Oven isn't just about creating a beautiful website – it's about helping a small business succeed. As a cottage bakery, MJ's Oven faces unique challenges and opportunities. We've worked with MJ to create a marketing strategy that's tailored to her business, one that highlights her unique selling points and helps her stand out in a crowded market.

We believe that every business has a unique story to tell, and we're passionate about helping small business owners tell that story. Whether you're running a cottage bakery like MJ's Oven, or a niche business in any other industry, we're here to help. We'll work with you to develop a brand identity that truly represents who you are and what you stand for. And we'll create a website that's as beautiful and inviting as the business you've worked so hard to build.

So if you're ready to take your business to the next level, contact Awokened Art Studios today. Let's work together to create a brand and a website that truly represents the heart and soul of your business.

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On Saturday, glass enthusiasts from across the country gathered at the Orlando Glass Union to witness an incredible display of skill and creativity from two of the industry's top artisans, Eusheen and Natey Love.

As a supporter of the glass blowing community and a business partner of Lid Glass, I was excited to attend the show and see what these talented artists had in store. As the creator of Lid Glass's website and the subscription-based Banger Memberships, I was eager to engage with collectors and fellow glass blowers about the concept and get their feedback. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and learn more about the passion that drives the glass community.

One of the highlights of the show was the limited edition 3/50 show mat, which showcased the intricate and breathtaking artwork of Eusheen and Natey Love. The attention to detail and sheer artistry on display was truly impressive, and it was clear that both artists had poured their heart and soul into these pieces.

But perhaps the most awe-inspiring creation of the night was the Eusheen x 2ba "Ascended Warlock" Quad Mib.

This masterpiece of glass blowing was truly something to behold, with its intricate designs and stunning use of color. It was a testament to the incredible talent and skill of these artisans and left everyone in attendance in awe. Of course, it wasn't just about the art. The Orlando Glass Union is

an amazing organization that has done incredible things for the glass community. By putting on shows like this, they're not just showcasing the talent of individual artists, but they're also building a culture of support and collaboration that benefits everyone.

Finally, the Eusheen and Natey Love glass show at the Orlando Glass Union was an incredible experience that left me feeling inspired and in awe of the talent on display. As someone who is deeply

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invested in the glass community and as a proud supporter of Lid Glass, I was thrilled to attend and engage with like-minded individuals. I can't wait to see what the future holds for the glass community and look forward to attending more shows like this in the future.


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Awokened Art Studios, a web development company, has recently collaborated with Christine Frechard Gallery to create a unique online platform that enables her to exhibit, showcase, and sell artwork from her clients. This website, known as "Frechard Gallery," is specifically designed to cater to both artists and private collectors.

The new website features a membership platform for artists to scale and grow their presence, feature their work, and connect with potential buyers. The platform is tailored to offer a low-key vibe that resonates with private collectors, allowing them to browse through artwork at their leisure.

The most exciting feature of the website is the virtual reality exhibitions, which allows art enthusiasts to experience the gallery of their favorite artist from anywhere in the world, even from the comfort of their own homes. This immersive experience is the first of its kind, providing a unique way to showcase artwork to a global audience.

In addition to offering virtual exhibitions, Frechard Gallery also provides a membership for collectors. This membership offers special utility, including discounts, special invitations, and free exhibitions during active membership. This provides collectors with exclusive access to some of the most sought-after artworks in the world.

Interestingly, this collaboration between Awokened Art Studios and Christine Frechard Gallery started on a flight to Colombia, where the two met by chance. During the flight, they discussed the challenges that the pandemic had created for the art industry. Christine shared her story of how the pandemic had affected her gallery, and Awokened Art Studios saw an opportunity to help.

The idea sparked, and they began working on the project immediately. After months of hard work and collaboration, the project is nearly finished, and the results are astounding. The website promises to be a game-changer for the art industry, allowing artists to showcase their work to thousands of collectors worldwide.

This new platform is actively seeking artists who are looking to grow their brand and sell their works to thousands of collectors. If you are an artist interested in being showcased on the Frechard Gallery platform, you can email them for more information.

In conclusion, the partnership between Awokened Art Studios and Christine Frechard Gallery has resulted in a unique platform that provides a solution to the challenges created by the pandemic. The website promises to be a new frontier for the art industry, providing artists with a new and exciting way to showcase their work and connect with collectors from all over the world.

The platform is still finishing in development and plans on opening beta testing in early Spring 2023.

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